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What is is a site to help brides and grooms, tourists and locals find information and reviews on businesses located in Newport County and Bristol. On your paid listing, you will have the ability to get reviews, track how many people view your listing, add photos and announce upcoming events. If you are interested in advertising on, please contact

Common questions for business owners:

Why did one of my business reviews disappear? may have removed the review for violating our review guidelines or Terms of Service. A user may have removed his or her review. A user may have canceled their account, therefore, the review has been removed.

Is there anything I can do about a negative review?
Everyone is entitled to post a negative review, as long as it doesn't violate our review guidelines or Terms of Service.

Should I ask customers to write reviews for my business?
As long as they are honest reviews, this is a great opportunity to solicit reviews.

I'm considering pursuing legal action against a reviewer and/or
Websites similar to are protected under federal law by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. If you are considering legal action against a reviewer, think again. Defamation suits are typically expensive and hard to win. Also, if you do pursue legal action, you will have a high possibility of encountering the Anti-SLAPP statute and having to pay attorneys' fees for the opposing side.