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What is NewportReviews.com?
NewportReviews.com is an invaluable resource that helps people find vendors for their event and/or wedding and places to eat, shop, tour, etc., based on the knowledgeable opinions of people who have past experience with these businesses.

Is NewportReviews.com free?
Yes, there is no fee for users. If you are a business owner and would like a listing, there is a nominal fee. For more information, please contact info@newportreviews.com.

Why use NewportReviews.com?
Any person planning an event or coming to visit Newport County (Newport, Middletown, Portsmouth, Jamestown, Tiverton and Little Compton), or Bristol and surrounding areas, can get honest reviews from locals and past customers of the listed businesses in a straightforward and fun way.

What should I be reviewing on NewportReviews.com?
NewportReviews.com has listings for many types of services and businesses. Our biggest categories include event vendors (venues, caterers, rental companies, event planners, etc.), restaurants, museums and photographers, but you can also search for many other types of businesses from retail stores to hotels.

Who can see me and my reviews?
Visitors to NewportReviews.com are able to see your profile and can read your reviews.

How is the review ordering for a business determined?
NewportReviews.com attempts to show reviews that help consumers make informed decisions and the review placement is based on the submittal date.

User Account

How do I verify my NewportReviews.com account?
After you are finished with the registration process, NewportReviews.com will send you an email with an activation link. To activate your account, click on the link or you can copy & paste it into your browser. At that point, your account is verified. In the event you do not receive an activation link via email, please contact info@newportreviews.com.

Can I change my basic account information after I have registered?
Yes, simply log-in and click on "My NewportReviews.com".

How do I update my email address?
You can update your email address by logging in and clicking on "My NewportReviews.com".

Who can see my name?
Visitors to NewportReviews.com are able to see your profile and can read your reviews.

Can I post reviews under multiple accounts?
No. We do not permit writing multiple reviews from multiple accounts for the same business. If we notice multiple accounts, reviews will be deleted.

Writing Reviews

What is considered a great review?
Honest reviews with personal experiences and useful suggestions are best. It's also helpful for reviews to mention unique qualities that the business offers or the type of person who may like the business.

What should I review?
Any business listed on NewportReviews.com is waiting for new reviews.

Can I review a business I am connected to?
We do not recommend writing a review about your own business or a business that you have been or are currently employed by.

What if I had a bad experience? Can I write something negative?
Yes. People are looking for honest reviews, good or bad. Please be sure to explain yourself as to why you had a good or bad experience.

Does NewportReviews.com ever remove reviews?
Reviews are removed if they do not follow the guidelines below:

  • Conflict of interest. Your reviews should be fair and have purpose. If you are having any doubts that there may be a conflict, please don’t post the review.  For example, owners or employees shouldn’t write reviews about their business or negative comments about their competitors.
  • Personal attacks. We want your honest opinion, but please refrain from using harsh language, hate speech or a demeaning manor to get your point across.
  • Second-hand experiences. If you have heard a good or bad story through a friend and want to post their comments, please don’t. We want your own personal experiences and opinions.
  • Relevance. Reviews shouldn’t have rants about a business’s employment practice, political opinions, or other matters that go beyond the normal customer experience.
  • Plagiarism. Please don't copy other website reviews, use your own opinion and words.
  • Blank Reviews. The concept behind the website is to have reviews and opinions. Having a blank review won't help other consumers or companies.

Do the reviews have to be approved prior to posting?
Yes. The staff at NewportReviews.com will read each review prior to posting to make sure the guidelines aren’t violated. If there are any questions, a staff member will be in contact with you.


What does NewportReviews.com do with my personal information?
Newport Reviews takes your privacy very seriously, as outlined in our Privacy Policy. We do not send spam and in the event you do receive spam or you receive a message that is harassing, abusive or contains a violation of our Terms of Service, please forward it to info@newportreviews.com.


How do I cancel my NewportReviews.com membership?
To cancel your membership, please email us at info@newportreviews.com.

Online Community

What is the Online Community?
The Online Community is a place to post messages and have conversations amongst the locals and tourists. Just remember, anyone amongst the Online Community is able to read the messages.

What should I discuss on the Online Community?
People would love to hear the ins and outs and the hotspots of Newport County and other surrounding areas. If you love a certain restaurant or band that is playing at a local bar, let us know. If you have a question about a certain business, maybe someone will have the answer for you.

What should I not post on the Online Community?
We strive for the Online Community to be a safe and pleasant experience, so please avoid the following:

  • Vicious or lewd name-calling
  • Threatening anyone with harm
  • Continuously harassing or fighting with others
  • Hate speech (racial slurs, bigotry, etc.)
  • Posting personal information of other members in the Online Community
  • Posting under multiple identities by the same person
  • Unwelcome promotion of a business or event
  • Posting off-topic

In order to make sure these rules aren’t violated, each posting will have to be approved by the staff of NewportReviews.com prior to posting.  If there are any questions, a staff member will be in contact with you.

Business Owners

Don’t miss out on the action! If you are not listed on NewportReviews.com, please contact us at info@newportreviews.com to discuss the possibility of advertising for a nominal fee.

Each listing will have the ability to post:

  • Business name, address, phone, website address
  • Business description (500 character maximum)
  • Logo
  • Promotional photos
  • After the business is listed, each business will be emailed a username and password, so that you may keep the listing current. Any changes will have to be approved by the staff of NewportReviews.com prior to posting, in order to make sure the changes are acceptable and don’t violate the rules of NewportReviews.com.